COVID-19 Coronavirus Statement

Tenpin City has and always will be committed to the health and safety of our league bowlers, staff, customers and the wider community. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) presents difficult challenges for all of us and first and foremost we hope everyone reading this is safe and is in good health.

In an effort to slow the spread of this virus we are introducing even more measures on top of our already high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. We are also constantly monitoring and keeping across the evolving advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO), NSW Health and the Department of Health to ensure we are exercising best practice.

The increased measures we are taking include:

  • Introducing an exclusive timeframe of 9am-11am Monday – Friday for our Seniors & Persons with a Disability and asking our customers that do not fall into these demographics to book outside of this exclusive timeframe
  • Making additional hand sanitiser available to our staff and customers
  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning for all surfaces
  • Engaged our cleaners to increase the frequency of deep cleaning
  • Adhering to our strict disinfecting protocols for house shoes and extending this to our house balls
  • Encouraging our guests and staff to stay at home if they are unwell
  • Providing flexible options to cater for individual league bowlers needs

For over 30 years we have had the privilege of looking after and providing fun experiences for so many people in our industry and community. We want to continue to provide these great experiences in the safest possible manner and we will constantly review how we can deliver this for our customers, our staff and the wider community.

From Staff and Management of Tenpin City

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